Champagne Couche à Buxeuil

Champagne Vincent Couche

My mother transmitted her passion to me. The call of the vines runs through my veins, as it does throughout my family. My profession is a calling. I love the demands it makes on me, and I can’t imagine working in any way other than striving for excellence.

I’d like to tell you about my intimate self, about this daily bond which ties me to my vineyard. Being in contact with the vines makes me feel uplifted. I delight in these silent and bonding conversations.

My vineyard gets all my attention. I am aware of its slightest shiver, a hardly noticeable sign of its passionate mood.

I am an incurable vineyard lover, responding to its every whim, always looking to satisfy it and relentlessly improve this mutual and growing love.

This game of seduction lasts until the ultimate moment of the grape harvest, when in a final embrace it offers me, with its clear, fresh and delicate juice, the beginnings of another great happiness.

With a sigh of satisfaction, its dies away and it is immediately reborn anew, more seductive than ever.

In the intimacy of my cellar, it expresses its best flavors and will soon start to prepare itself for the day it becomes famous.

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