Champagne Couche à Buxeuil

My Vineyards

In the heart of the “Côte des Bar,” I cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards using Biodynamic methods (under conversion since 2008).

  • Our parcel of 3 hectares of Chardonnay faces south in MONTGUEUX , on chalky soil from the Cretaceous period. (Only 40 cm of dirt above the chalk).
  • BUXEUIL – Village of the Kimméridgien period – 10 hectares

Our vines in Buxeuil are composed primarily of Pinot Noir. Advised by Claude Bourguignon, seedlings of Chardonnay were established in certain ideal areas for this varietal. We have mainly Southern and Western exposures, on steep slopes with the Seine river below. This sector has a specific micro-climate. Indeed we have high temperatures, while keeping a certain moisture thanks to the presence of the Seine near the vines.

The ground is Argilo Calcaire or Argilo Marneux, depending on the particular part of the vineyards. For several years we have planted approximately 10,100 vines per hectare, whereas usually the plantings are 8,000 to 8,300 vines per hectare. The greater quantity increases the competition between the vine stock. The grapes taste better: more maturity, more flavor.


From mid-August, grapes (berries) are tasted and analyzed twice per week. This regular follow-up makes it possible to determine with accuracy the date of harvest for each part of the vineyard. The harvest is done exclusively by hand, and grapes are sorted with meticulousness. Only the ripe and healthy grapes are pressed.