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Wine Enthusiast December 2013

Champagne Vincent Couche receives excellent reviews in the Wine Enthusiast

We’re very excited to share the news; several of our champagnes were given high marks in the December 2013 edition of Wine Enthusiast, including Editors’ Choice.

Sensation 1997 | 93/100 | Editors’ Choice
Disgorged only in 2012, this is an astonishingly fresh wine. Crisp apple skin flavors dominate with only a hint of toast to suggest age. It’s a delicious, bright and fruity wine that’s full and ripe on the palate.

Extra Brut | 91/100 |
Toast and brioche aromas lead this rich, generous wine. It has considerable bottle age, meaning the youthful freshness has been replaced by a mature character. Dry in style yet quite ripe, this is a Champagne for food.

Millésime 2002 | 91/100 |
With vineyards in the southern vineyards of the Aube, Vincent Couche makes a rich style of Champagne. This 2002 vintage, now maturing well, is ripe — almost opulent — in character. Its peach and apricot flavors shine at the fore, extended on the palate with a brisk, nervy texture.

Dosage Zéro | 90/100 |
As labeled, this zero-dosage wine is bone dry. But because Vincent Couche has vineyards in the warm, southern region of Champagne, even his very dry wines have a richness and surprising softness. This crisp wine is also rounded, with a touch of toast from bottle age adding complexity.

Rose Désir | 89/100 |
Fresh wild-strawberry flavor dominates this bright and youthful wine. It is dry and crisp, yet has a mouthfilling weight. Definitely a food Champagne and one that benefits from a few minutes of aeration.

Perle de Nacre | 88/100 |
Vincent Couche has a specialty with very dry Champagne. This wine, with some bottle age, is rich, warm and generous, yet quite dry. A touch of toast adds complexity to ripe apple fruits.

Wine Advocate December 2013 / the Wine Advocate had great things to say about our wines!

Vincent Couche, Buxeuil (Côtes des Bar)

NV Extra Brut Disgorged 4/2012 | Rating: 90

NV Rose Désir Extra Brut Disgorged 10/2012 | Rating: 89

Vintage 2002 Brut | Rating: 91

Vincent Couche is part of the upwelling of talent (and awakening to terroir) taking place in the extreme South of Champagne, and like a number of those growers most responsible, he farms biodynamically. Moreover, he has vineyards both in his base village of Buxeuil, and in distant Montgueux, a remote southern Champagne outpost with remarkable Chardonnay.

Primary vinification is in a combination of tank and barrel, and Couche is one of increasingly many Champenois (especially among the young) to believe that one should render a complete as well as complex still wine before bothering to champagnize it. I got my first, if incomplete, glimpse of his portfolio this year, and while one "dosage zero" bottling was just a bit too tart and austere to more than mildly recommend, the other three wines I tasted demonstrated impressive talent.

This is, I have to mention, one of several addresses from which I tasted 2009 vintage-based wines...and couldn’t help thinking, "If this is 2009, how firm and razor-sharp will be this grower’s wines based on a high-acid vintage?!"

Crabapple and lemon dominate Couche’s roughly two-thirds Pinot, one-third Chardonnay NV Extra Brut Disgorged 4/2012, just as they did a corresponding "dosage zero" cuvée. But here, there are mouthwatering salinity and abundant juiciness, so that piquancy of apple pip and suffusion of chalk do not drag the wine into outright austerity. What’s more, the texture is very refined and allied to real delicacy. (Naturally, the effects of six grams residual sugar must also not be overlooked.). This finishes with consummate refreshment as well as the urge to take the next sip. It ought to delight over the next couple of years.

Couche NV Rose Désir Extra Brut Disgorged 10/2012 - a 75-25 blend of Pinot and Chardonnay from Buxeuil and Montgueux - is like a tart-edged raspberry and strawberry shrub mingled with black tea and wreathed in primary yeastiness. While only harboring four grams of residual sugar, it finishes with an effusive sense of ripe berries, as well as a subtle undertone of chalk. It should be a delight throughout the coming year.

Couche’s Vintage 2002 Brut is half-each Pinot and Chardonnay, and all from Buxeuil. A metaphorically - and perhaps somehow also literally – cooling impression is wrought by high-toned mint and tarragon in their alliance on a polished palate with fresh pear, apple and cucumber. This crisp and juicy Champagne salad acquires stimulating piquancy and pungency via apple pip and buckwheat, while a maritime alliance of chalkiness, alkalinity and salinity serves for further intrigue - not to mention saliva inducement - in a nuanced and impressively persistent finish.

Also recommended: NV Extra Brut Dosage Zero Disgorged 10/2012 (Rating: 86).

Notes by David Schildknecht,

Decanter World Wine Awards 2013

Three of our champagnes won bronze medals from Decanter!

Champagne Vincent Couche is very proud to announce that three of our champagnes have just been awarded bronze medals at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards. The three winners are our Perle de Nacre (100% Chardonnay from Montgueux), Dosage Zéro conversion bio (non-dosage blend of 67% Pinot Noir and 33% Chardonnay), and our Extra-Brut cuvée (63% Pinot Noir and 37% Chardonnay).

TIME Article - "Beyond Bubbly"

Vincent Couche featured in a TIME article online!

"Many take great risks pursuing this ideal, like Vincent Couche who, in the name of optimum grape maturity, practices zero-pesticide, biodynamic viticulture throughout his vineyards—something few have dared attempt in humid, pest-prone Champagne."

To read the entire article, click here

Guide Revel 2014

Champagne Vincent Couche

One of the rare domaines in Champagne which have converted to organic viticulture (since 2008) and situated near Montgueux, at the entrance to Troyes, in a "seedy" region which today is being revealed as more dynamic and coveted for growing champagne grapes. Vincent Couche took over the running of the domaine in 1996, he grooms 13 hectares of vines dominated by Pinot Noir, which, here, is planted on clay soil, not on chalk. In June 2012, the first Demeter-certified champagnes were released.

Extra-Brut 16/20 | 3 stars
The nose is expressive, focused on aromas of flour, granola, and fresh baguette. One finds the same aromatic crescendo from the attack on the palate, with a surprising impression of well-matured fruit, and one would almost believe it to be in the category of brut champagne. The bubbles are neat, strung-together and persistent, and they build upon the full unctuosity. A champagne engaging and sunny, which confirms the dynamism of the southern part of the appellation.

Millésime 2003 - No dosage 17/20 | 3.5 stars
What a nose! Charming and expressive, one can perceive well-matured grapes, yellow fruits, quince, a veritable summer fruit salad! The maturity is equally explosive on the palate, which is warm and strong without ever being heavy, the complexity gives way to clarity, the effervescence is neat, tight and dense, in the end harmonious with the flavours. This champagne is a treat!

Sensation 1997 Disgorged in 2012 18/20 | 4 stars
We are in the universe of the best champagnes at the present time: golden and fresh at once, rich and perfumed with a fine touch of bitterness which runs through the tasting. One will find aromas of malted cocoa nibs passing by honey accents, the bubbles rise showing a texture both smooth and long, the finish grabs one and leaves the memory of the freshness initially perceived. The balanced is achieved, this champagne is magnificent.

Gilbert & Gaillard Guide 2013

The Champagnes of Vincent Couche garnered some great reviews in the 2013 Guide Gilbert et Gaillard

Sensation 1997 | 92/100 |
Amber color. The nose develops with dried fruits (apricot, fig), Madera, minerality. If the fullness is limited, one appreciates the mellow attack, its superb freshness, its persistence which marries the dried fruit and mineral characteristics. It is at once fine and expressive.

Sensation 1995 | 93/100 |
Amber color. The nose develops with aromas of gingerbread, dried fruits, and notes of Madera. The mouth astonishes with its magnitude and fullness. The attack is generous and mellow, and the evolution is fresh, structured, and firm. A wine of great character, at its best.

Vintage 2003 | 90/100 |
Amber color. The nose is deep, quite open, with aromas of dried fruits (apricot, fig), and pastry notes. In the mouth one appreciates the way its mellowness, softness and general harmony. A vintage whose strength is now tamed and sober. A beautiful wine.

Vintage 2004 | 86/100 |
Clear golden color. The nose is deep, with a good balance between fruity notes and aromas of aging. The mouth is well constructed, mellow, supple, full, persistent. Woody aromas and the ambiance of the cave dominate the evolution and the finish. An exercise in the style.

Vintage 2004 Rosé | 88/100 |
Strong pink-orange color. The nose marries aromas of blooming fruits (red fruits, dried fruits) with a background woodiness. On the palate it is a rosé at once structured and mellow, strong, yet remarkably balanced by a persistent freshness. Almost too young.

Vintage 2002 | 89/100 |
Golden, amber color. The nose blooms with a mixture of dried fruits and pastry notes. The mouth starts with a full attack, winey and mellow. The evolution is straighter, tinged with an agreeable firmness. The length is a discovery. Serve with white meat.

Extra Brut | 84/100 |
Clear gold color. The nose is clear with fruity accents drawing out from a layer of minerality. The palate is nippy, structured, firm, and closes with marked liveliness. One finds fruity aromas (white-fleshed fruits, raspberries). Drink well chilled.

Dosage Zéro | 86/100 |
Beautiful golden color. The nose is engaging with lovely fruit (red fruits, citrus). The mouth seduces with it fullness, its body, its mellowness. The fruity aromas are clear and persistent. The freshness is present throughout its length. A very pleasing cuvée.

Rose Désir | 88/100 |
Strong pink-orange color. The nose is honest, rich and opens with notes of little red fruits (raspberry, strawberry). The palate is fleshy, fresh, perfumed, and one appreciates its precision. A seductive rosé for enjoying as an aperitif or with dessert.

Sélection | 87/100 |
Strong golden color with pink reflections. The nose is dominated by fruit (white-fleshed fruits, red fruits). The mouth favors strength, winey-ness, mellowness. An opulent style, which will dominate the nights, fruity, to be reserved for the table.

Bulles de Miel | 90/100 |
Golden color. A pleasant nose with fruity and honey characteristics partnered together. The mouth is tender, soft, remarkably well-balanced. The aromas are precise, rich, highlighted by an ambient freshness. Very beautiful demi-sec, natural and crisp.

Perle de Nacre | 87/100 |
Clear yellow color. The nose is fine, and one can appreciate the aromas of butter, lemon, brioche. Beautifully, creamy attack, with fine bubbles. The aromas are precise, persistent, carried by a lovely freshness. Beautiful cuvée to appreciate as an aperitif.

Le Web Journal du Champagne #7 2013

We were delighted to be featured in the most recent edition of Le Web Journal du Champagne.


"Vincent Couche grows 13 hectares of vines in Buxeuil and Montgueux. After returning to the domaine in 1996, he immediately began changing the methods of viticulture, with the goals of showing the terroir and producing wines which are "alive." In 2008, he took a leap and converted the vineyard to solely biodynamic viticulture. The vines are under constant observation and regular surveillance, in order to anticipate and intervene at a moment’s notice. Vinification, with as little intervention as possible, is done in stainless steel tanks and in oak barrels, with always-lower doses of sulphur (since 2008, 25,000 liters have been vinified without the addition of sulphur). Over the years, the range of champagnes matures, and the wines gain true precision."

"With a position in the middle, Vincent Couche explains that it’s not necessary to avoid oxygen: "an over-protected wine is at risk of deteriorating quickly upon opening the bottle. Whereas a wine which has had exposure to oxygen during the vinification is a wine with life, and will continue to live after opening the bottle, in the glass"."

"For Vincent Couche, another vigneron using biodynamic viticulture, the goal is to "push the limits" with the idea that the wines are created on the vines. In fact it must be stressed that the grape’s potential is fundamental in this process. If good cellar management is necessary, quality grapes from reasonable yields are indispensable in the creation of interesting "sulphur-free" wines."



"A remarkably successful sulphur-free wine, with a very beautiful and intense nose, of candied fruits and pastry (butter, brioche). In the mouth, it’s round, rich, with fruit of good maturity which are generously expressed, but with a lot of freshness. Citrus fruits are revealed on the finish, accompanied by a delicate acidity. A champagne mature and yet still young (disgorged after just 15 months). Truly delicious (16/20)."

To view the article in French, visit Le Web Journal du Champagne. The full article and tasting notes (in French) can be viewed with a subscription.

Champagne Warrior Issue 16, May 2013

Champagnes by Vincent Couche were well reviewed in the newest issue of the online magazine Champagne Warrior.

NV Couche Bulles de Miel – pure 2009 | Rating 84-86 | Potential 84-86

This is one of my favorite sweeter Champagnes on the market and the 2009 vintage hits the bullseye. Bursting with sweet peach, candied orange, and a wonderful honeyed dough character, it is impossible not to smile while gulping this down. All in all, a wonderful sweet wine that has plenty of character at its core and is worth seeking out for a change of pace from the average Brut. (28% Chardonnay, 72% Pinot Noir; Pure 2009; Buxeuil and Montgueux; Stainless steel; Some malolactic fermentation; Disgorged 2012; 35-50 g/L dosage)

2002 Couche Millésime | Rating 85-87 | Potential 86-88

This is nicely focused with fresh, mineral-laced fruit and excellent length. Apple, pear, and a touch of bread dough are evolving, but exhibit good potential for the future. An excellent example of how well Couche is coming along and why you should keep an eye on this producer. (50% Chardonnay from Montgueux, 50% Pinot Noir from the Champ Persin and Val Parfond vineyards in Buxeuil; Mix of stainless steel and oak; Some malolactic fermentation; Disgorged 2012; 7 g/L dosage)

2004 Couche Rosé | Rating 86-88 | Potential 86-88

This starts off with bright berries but quickly transitions into a soft, creamy, chocolate, bread dough and citrus bonanza. Well built and very tasty, this is a fabulous wine to pair with fresh strawberries and bitter dark chocolate. (17% Chardonnay, 83% Pinot Noir; Buxeuil and Montgueux; 72% oak, 28% stainless steel; Some malolactic fermentation; Disgorged 2012; 7 g/L dosage)

Gala Gourmand June 2013

"Divine Bubbles"

These are champagnes with more originality, rare cuvées, made by independent producers for true champagne lovers.

Vincent Couche Sensation 1997 brut


A sublime vintage champagne: golden-yellow colored, a nose blooming with beeswax, wood and aromatic herbs. The mouth is round, perfumed, and quite effervescent throughout the glass. The blend of two terroirs and two grapes – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – provide intense flavors and persistent aromatics, perfect for dinner or enjoying on its own.

Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2014

Champagne Vincent Couche is proud to have received good notes on several of our cuvées in the newly-released 2014 Guide Bettane & Desseauve.


"Based in the Côte des Bar, Vincent Couche cultivates 13 hectares of vines using biodynamic methods, divided between two communes in the Aube: Montgueux, with chalk soil which is planted to Chardonnay, and Buxeuil, where he grows 9 hectares of Pinot Noir. This passionate winemaker utilizes the counsel of famed consultant Claude Bourguignon and he produces wines of great purity, and cuvées with less and less dosage."

Blanc Brut | Drink 2013-2014
A very vinous profile for this vintage which offers real depth.

Blanc Extra brut | Drink 2013-2014
Lively and saline, this champagne stands out for it easy-going nature and great digestibility.

Blanc Extra brut | Drink 2013-2014
Strikingly tasty with saline accents in this wine, 100% Chardonnay, dosage of 6 g/L, very good as an aperitif.

Blanc Extra brut | Drink 2013-2014
Disgorged in October of 2010, this brut vintage 1995 has mellow bubbles and is on the winey side. This champagne is full-spirited with deliciously polished touches, accents of brioche and crystallized fruits; it is more in the emotion than the sensation.

Gilbert & Gaillard Magazine Winter 2012

We were pleased to see our demi-sec champagne, made from grapes grown under conversion to organic, rated highly in the Winter 2012 edition of the English language wine magazine Gilbert & Gaillard

CONV 90/100 Champagne Vincent Couche

demi-sec Bulles de Miel

Centurion Magazine November 2012

Vincent Couche and two of our cuvées are featured in Centurion, the luxury magazine published by American Express for its "black card" members.



"Today, a tiny handful of growers are going further. Among them is Vincent Couche ( of Côte des Bar, who farms 13 hectares of pinot noir and chardonnay according to biodynamic agriculture. Seeking maximum grape maturity, he reinforces his vines with medicinal herbs, pulverised quartz powder and fermented manure composts, and may harvest two weeks later than his neighbours. His wine is unchaptalised, unfiltered and, as of last year, often vinified without sulfites – practices foreign to 99% of the region’s producers. “I don’t have shareholders or a bank pressuring me; I am 100% free to act as I choose,” he says. “But all my experiments have only one objective, and that’s excellence.” The marvelous vintage cuvée Sensation 1997 (5,000 bottles disgorged in April 2012) is revelatory of Couche’s considerable talent: opulent yet balanced by fresh acidity, redolent of buttered toast and candied fruit, and his Dosage Zéro cuvée is a sublime, crystalline example of this highly sought-after style."

(Note: in fact, our champagnes are filtered only when necessary, using diatomaceous earth)

Les Vins du Siècle/Top French Wines

Recent accolades for Champagne Vincent Couche from the online wine guide Les Vins du Siècle

"It is necessary to acknowledge that this Champagne brut Perle de Nacre, pure Chardonnay, is a success (I tasted the wines before their new label is ready); distinguished, hedonistic, with a rich bouquet, persistently aromatic (almond, peach, apricot…), full of fruit and silky in the mouth. Bulles de Miel, a semi-dry, with a pretty, glittering color, shows notes of almond and beeswax, with good structure and perfume on the finish, very tasty. I also appreciated the brut Sensation 1997, still very fresh, of a great aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of cooked lemon and musk, an excellent vintage, powerful and fragrant, with this seductive smoothness in the mouth, common in the 1995 vintage, a vintage now at its apogee. Brut Dosage Zéro, is also seductive with its frankness. Excellent brut Rosé 2004, structured, which has aromas of violets and blackcurrants, very fruity and charming (the 1999 tasted particularly good, with nuances of blackberry and candied raspberry). There is also the brut Rose Désir, a mineral rosé, and the Extra-Brut, clearly dominated by its liveliness."

* Note: This guide does not rate the wines, but provides information about the domaine and descriptions of some of our champagnes. For their English page about us, click here

Flavours From France July 2012

We were pleased to see many of our champagnes receive good ratings and commentaries in the July 2012 edition of Flavours From France, the subscription wine guide.



92/100 - Bulles de Miel

91/100 - Sensation 1997

91/100 - Dosage Zéro

*This guide provides extensive tasting notes as well as ratings, suggested food pairings, and their recommended "drink by" dates.

Here’s a sample review of one of our champagnes:

Bulles de Miel demi-sec | 92/100 | "A golden-yellow color, with almost-Amber reflections, clear and brilliant, fine bubbles, very attractive. The nose is straightforward and engaging, with notes of white fruits, stewed fruits, honeyed sweetness and acacia flowers; with aeration the richness combines with the freshness of citrus notes. Beautiful from the onset in the mouth, round, structured, with a charming expression of fruit; the evolution presents a great softness, and the unctuousness counterbalances a bright and lively character; an almost perfect balance. An elegant demi-sec, refreshing; a substantial finish with a touch of candied almonds."

For additional reviews, visit Flavours From France

JM Garnier Exclusif Champagne Guide 2013

Several of our cuvées won high praise in the latest guide to champagne by Jean Michel Garnier.


Dosage Zéro | Rating: 2 capsules, Heart |

The mouth confirms, if need be, the pure character and minerality of this cuvée. The structure is straightforward, and finely carved. The aromatic expression is ruch and complex. A work of artistry, a cuvée to discover and rediscover for champagne lovers.

Sensation 1997 | Rating: 3 capsules |

The mouth is opulent, the wine has developed all its roundness and complex aromas. A beautiful balance between its maturity and strength, and a level of acity which gives it a beautiful freshness, even now. The finish is incredibly long.

Sensation 1995 | Rating: 2 capsules |

The mouth shows an incredible amplitude. The texture is light, but the strength is noticeable. The freshness is always present and gives this wine a superb balance. The finish is an exceptionally long one.

Rosé Millésime 2004 | Rating: 2 capsules |

On the palate is unveiled a wine strong and structured, yet perfectly balanced. A lovely winey hint, leading the way to an intense aromatic expression; a delicious note of cocoa appears at the end. The finish has a great freshness.

La Revue du Vin de France Dec 2012

Non-Vintage Bruts from the Great Houses and the Winemakers



Little by Little, He Banishes the Sugar Added to His Wines

"Biodynamic winemaking offers a true picture of the vintage. It accentuates the expression of each terroir, and facilitates their blending," asserts Vincent Couche, who is currently converting his 13 hectares of vineyards planted on the terraces of Buxeuil and Montgueux, in the Côte des Bar. "The vines show more of the natural changes and their juice displays the best balance of maturity and acidity. We diminish the addition of sugar little by little, to find the purity of the fruit. Our non-vintage brut is in fact an extra-brut, a direction you’ll find in the rest of our range (less than 6g of sugar per liter)." His first Demeter-certified wines will be available on the market in June 2013.

Vincent Couche For him, organic winemaking exalts all the virtues of his terroirs.

Brut Blends

14.5/20 *VINCENT COUCHE Extra-Brut This extra-brut is from the Aube areas of Buxeuil and Montgueux, and about half spends time aging in wood. What is unveiled is easy to drink, with the basic characteristics and maturity of the southern Champagne region. A discovery!

Brut Blanc de Noirs

15/20 *VINCENT COUCHE An ample champagne, marked by the flavors of candied red fruits from Pinot Noir of the Aube. Bracing finish. Disgorged in April 2012.

Gault & Millau Magazine Oct/Nov 2012

Rosé Champagnes - The 50 Which Captured Our Hearts

"When people speak about rosé champagne, their eyes sparkle. The way I see it, rosé presents an image even more luxurious than the white. It has more magic, and a certain elegance. Women, especially in Japan, appreciate rosé champagne. This is perhaps due to the pink color, and a tendancy toward "girly" packaging" explains Vincent Couche, champagne producer.

Our 9 Favorites

Champagne Couche, cuvée Rose Désir, 38€. Red fruits, black pepper and floral notes on the nose. In the mouth, there is strength, body, richness, fruit, and silkiness. The bubbles and finish are persistent. 16.5/20


"Champagne is a wine region where it is difficult to work organically, as the climatic conditions are complicated. This year, with the damage caused by repeated hailstorms, was certainly the worst that I’ve known. Mildew caused havoc at the beginning of June; at the moment our only ally is the wind, which dries off the grapes and repels the mushrooms. Champagne is the most prestigious wine in the world, I want it to be the healthiest, too!" says Vincent Couche. Rosé champagnes, like the others, are usually served chilled to 10C/50F as an apéritif. Food lovers find excellent pairings with salmon, poultry, exotic or spicy cuisines, certain cheeses or desserts.

*Note: The Champagne region is comprised of approximately 35,000 hectares, of which only 300 are registered organic or are under conversion.

Gault & Millau Guide to Champagnes 2013

Champagne Vincent Couche

Organic - Sold at the Winery

"My mother transmitted her passion to me. The call of the vines runs through my veins, as it does throughout my family. My profession is a calling. I love the demands it makes on me, and I can’t imagine working in any way other than striving for excellence." These words of love for the land sum up perfectly the work of Vincent Couche. In the heart of the Côte de Bar he cultivates 13 hectares of vines. Listening constantly to nature, he studies with exacting care the needs of his vines and he increases their energy and well-being through biodynamic treatments. His vineyards in Buxeuil are composed primarily of Pinot Noir, while those in Montgueux are exclusively composed of Chardonnay. We love and follow closely.

Acreage: 13 hectares (red varietals: 9 hectares) - (white: 4 hectares) * Average age of the vines: 17 years * Manual harvest: 100%

Vincent Couche (Heart) 2002 | 17/20 | One appreciates this vintage, which very openly offers a nose of praline, cocoa, and dried fruits, punctuated by a framework of minerality. The mouth is light, elegant, and yet dense at the same time. The bubbles exhibit the qualities of finesse and persistence.

Vincent Couche Perle de Nacre Extra Brut NV | 16.5/20 | A very beautiful nose with a combination of aromas of roasting, coffee, and cocoa powder, as well as faint notes of lime blossom. The mouth opens with generous yet fine bubbles, and give expression of a lovely maturity of the grapes. The finish is light and warm.

Vincent Couche Sélection Brut NV | 15/20 | Here is a blend dedicated to lovers of "natural" wines while notably aromatic. Created only from Chardonny and Pinot Noir, it offers the nose hints of baked apple, quince pastry, and some notes of fermentation. The mouth is medium-bodied, lingering and easy to drink, with a fine and temperate effervescence.

Vincent Couche Extra Brut (Heart) NV | 16.5/20 | Green apple and humid chalk open the nose on this blend which plays with the line between acidity and seduction. We love its show of freshness, flowers and the imprint of its terroir with intense notes of chalk. The mouth exhibits lines of purity and finesse, with a mouthwatering finish. Very beautiful sparkling for an aperitif, dedicated to lovers of wines which are tight and well-bred.

Vincent Couche Brut (Heart) 2004 | 17/20 | Fine aromas of red fruits and black pepper moves on to floral notes, presenting the nose of this champagne with a lovely evolution. In the mouth, it has strength, body, richness, fruit, and silkiness. Its bubbles, like its finish, are persistent. A great work of art!

Vincent Couche Rose Désir (Heart) NV | 16.5/20 | Desire builds with this blend, which knows how to seduce you with its aromas of red fruits and tension of minerality. On the palate it is characterized by its longevity, vivacity, straightness, magnitude, structure, and lovely freshness. Very beautiful work!

Guide Revel 2013 Champagnes and Other Sparkling Wines


One of the rare domaines in Champagne which have converted to organic viticulture (since 2008), situated near Montgueux, at the entrance to Troyes, in a "seedy" region which today is being revealed as more dynamic and coveted for growing champagne grapes. Vincent Couche grooms 13 hectares of vines dominated by Pinot Noir, which, here, is planted on clay soil, not on chalk.

Cuvée Dosage Zéro 16/20 *** For lovers of purity and intensity, this champagne shows first tightness on the attack, but it rapidly becomes unctuous with a silky effervescence where one detects aromas of apples and bergamot, then lemon tart. Liveliness, minerality, tenacity; a seducer as an aperitif.

Cuvée Bulles de Miel - Half-Dry 16/20 *** A measured champagne which doesn’t fall into the laziness of tawdry, cloying sugar. It remains crisp, centered around the aromas of plums, eau-de-vie from small yellow Mirabelle plums which plays out across an effervescence both light and neat, with bubbles more airy than consistent, and which offers - as mentioned on the label - an ideal pairing for your desserts.

Guide Gilbert & Gaillard 2012

Guide Hachette de Vins 2010

Champagne Couche has been featured in the « Guide Hachette des Vins 2010».

We are pleased to inform you that our cuvée Sélection, Dosage Zéro , and our half-dry Bulles de Miel have been selected for inclusion in the new edition of the famous wine guide.

You will find tasting notes from the jury on page 607 of the “Guide Hachette des Vins 2010”.

Guide des Vins Gilbert & Gaillard 2010

These champagnes have been selected for inclusion in the new edition of the "Guide des Vins Gilbert & Gaillard" :

 * Dosage Zéro

  • Cuvée Perle de Nacre
  • Bulles de Miel
  • Cuvée Réserve

Guide Hachette des Vins 2009

Champagne Couche has been selected in the new « Guide Hachette des Vins 2009 ».

We are pleased to inform you that our vintage « Sensation 1995 » has been awarded 2 stars in the new edition of the “Guide Hachette des Vins”. Our cuvée Rosée drew the attention of the members of the jury as well, and obtained one star.

You will find tasting notes from the jury on the page 642 of the “Guide Hachette des Vins 2009”.

Agricultural Contest of Paris 2008

Champagne Couche has been awarded at the agricultural exhibition 2008 : The cuvée Rosée obtained a silver medal at the agricultural contest in Paris.

The agricultural contest of wines : the official reference for french quality wines. The Ministry of Agriculture organizes this contest (which honors the best agricultural products from France) within the agricultural exhibition of Paris.

Guide Hachette des Vins 2008

Our “Cuvée Rosée” and “Cuvée Sélection half-dry” have been selected by the Guide Hachette des Vins 2008.

This year once again, our "Cuvée Rosée" drew the jury’s attention. The "Cuvée Sélection half-dry" has been selected as well. You will find tasting notes from the jury and all the information about Champagne Couche on page 646 of the Guide Hachette des Vins 2008.

We hope that you will appreciate this additional pledge of quality.

"Guide Hachette des Vins 2007"

Champagne Couche was pleased to be a part of the 10,000 selected out of 35,000 for the Guide Hachette. This guide proposes wines of quality to their consumers. The Rosée vintage obtained two stars in the "Guide Hachette des Vins 2007".