Champagne Couche à Buxeuil

My Know-How in Biodynamics

Eager to give meaning to my profession as a winegrower and to preserve the agronomic and environmental balance, I naturally turned to biodynamic viticulture. My main objective is to produce authentic wines of excellent quality. I use only natural products and the domain is certified Organic and Biodynamic (Demeter).

Biodynamics, a qualitative approach is the fruit of age-old practices and observations. It uses specific preparations in homeopathic doses to ensure better vitality and excellent balance in both the vines and the soil, as well as a encouraging the roots to plant deeper in the soil, for a faithful expression of the terroir. It is based on the dynamisation principle that consists of revitalising the active ingredients in the preparations.

Derived from transformed plant and mineral matter, these preparations enable the vine to reinforce its immune system. We also use herbal infusions and extracts (nettle, horsetail, osier willow, thyme, meadow sweet, etc.) known for their beneficial properties to counter any external factors such as extreme weather, disease, etc. These are sprayed on the vines.

The fundamental Biodynamics principle is to prevent instead of cure, by providing the vines with a balanced, diversified and harmonious environment. Diversity of both wildlife and plants is a key factor. We respect the lunar calendar in our work in order to increase the active potential of the preparations as well as of our own actions in the vineyard (pruning, cultivating, treatments, harvesting) on the vines.

When it comes to vinification, Biodynamics means that our methods are as natural as possible while respecting the Demeter Wine specifications. We even go above and beyond these requirements by using no sulphur in wines from part of the domain, particularly with regard to the Chloé vintage.

Biodynamics makes it possible to produce healthy wines while enhancing the specificity and luxuriance of my varietals and terroirs. This is what we invite you to discover in our champagnes.