Champagne Couche à Buxeuil

Les Incontournables

Elégance Brut

Elégance Extra-Brut


Chardonnay de Montgueux

100% Chardonnay from our vineyard in Montgueux.


Réserve Intemporelle

blend of 65% Pinot Noir – 35 % Chardonnay Harvest 2011 and 2012


Rose Désir

Vintage rosé 2004

“This champagne, with an orangey color, opens with a nose of strawberry and very ripe cherry notes, then dried fruit and a touch of wood. In the mouth, a vinous style, structured, bringing together firmness and freshness. A finish structured with woody tannins. A gastronomic rosé.”


Les confidentielles


Blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Harvest 2011 - 2012
No dosage
No added Sulphur


Sensation 1997

This champagne, with a light golden color, has an expressive nose of dried fruit, with discrete notes of candied pineapple and bread crusts. With aeration it is enriched with notes of honey, nougat, and apple tart. The palate is generous, opulent, and rich with an astonishing freshness which persists in the mouth. A champagne which presents an excellent balance. A real discovery!


Sensation 1999

ADN Montgueux 2009

Ratafias Champenois

Ratafias Champenois

This excellent apéritif is made using the must (the pressed juice) exclusively from champagne grapes. This juice is then blended with eau de vie also made from champagne grapes.

Our ratafia is produced in two versions:

  Ratafia using 100% Chardonnay from Montgueux
  Ratafia using 100% Pinot Noir from Buxeuil