Champagne Couche à Buxeuil

My Know-How in Biodynamics

I always keep the concerns of nature foremost, and I study with meticulousness the needs of my vines. I transmit energy and well-being to them by using biodynamic treatments.

Under official conversion since 2008, I use the following to fortify our vines: decoctions of medicinal herbs (valerian, horsetail, nettle, wicker, oregano, etc.), pulverization of crystallized silica (quartz reduced to powder), and the addition of compost.

Helped by some experts, these innovative cares, subjected unceasingly to experimentation, provide a rhythm to my daily work in the vineyards. Today, my soils express all their richness.

For 10 years, I have continuously increased my competence in biodynamic agriculture by meeting other organic wine-growers from all over France. After several training courses abroad, I bring a culture, still not very widespread in the Champagne wine-growing region, based on an environment-friendly method which protects microbial life in the soil and sub-soil. Grass has been allowed to grow in the vineyards since 1999, in order to improve the soil, fight against erosion, and control the production.

To practice these very high-level techniques, I initially called on a specialist recognized by many prestigious winegrowers, Mr. Claude Bourguignon, Agricultural Engineer within the L.A.M.S. (Microbial Analysis Laboratory of the Soil). Some samples have been taken from different places in my vineyards in order to analyze the soil and sub-soil, to determine, as well as possible, the potential of my vineyards.

I also increased my knowledge by doing some training with Pierre Masson, advisor on biodynamics. “To look after the plants by using plants” requires specific competence that only Eric Petiot is able to teach me.

I am especially interested in new experiments, I like to push my limits. This is why I took a risk in my vineyard in Montgueux; I did not use any copper during the growing season of 2010, even though the weather was very rainy. Successful bet!

I am very concerned with contributing to the development of biodynamic viticulture. I take part in a scientific program which consists of making some tests on “protéodies,” or proto-music. Currently there are only five vintners in the world who have set up, in our vineyards, a beacon functioning on the frequencies of the music, in order to fight against Mildew or Esca vine disease. Those researches have just begun, but there are already some interesting results.

The Cellar

The thermo-controlled fermenting room , the arched cellars and oak barrels all contribute to the harmonious vinification of wines. All along the vinification process, I taste the wines and check my impressions with different experienced oenologists. Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeast requires very detailed attention. I vinify my wines with a very low dose of sulfur or without sulfur at all.

Those successive tastings of the wines in wine storehouse contribute to the increase of my knowledge. My permanent concern for quality and protection of the environment produces vintage champagnes which receive accolades and awards. My wines are assembled with meticulous care, and matured to allow the full development of my various vintages.